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Hello. I am Amanda Elaine.

I am a wife of a pretty fab hubby and a busy mommy of two. We live in the country & have lots of animals.

I love thrift stores. I am always on the lookout for old roller skates, suitcases, and vintage clothes (especially for children.) I also like to sew, although I am not too good at it...thank goodness my mother is patient enough to teach me her skills :)

I ADORE photographing children…each child has their own special quality and spunk. It is highly entertaining to me to find out just what makes a kiddo sparkle. Plus, I like to be silly. If I could only photograph children the rest of my life, I would be a happy individual.

My late, amazing father, who also had a passion for photography, used to call me “Manda Laine”. Hence the name ~ manda laine photography ~

Thank you kindly for visiting my website!


~ Happy JW ~

~ Images of my family by the super sweet and incredibly talented Christine Sunflower Photography :) ~

~ Homepage slideshow music created by our amazing 13 year old son, Gideon ~