~ May 2014 Faves ~

June 06, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

I am so grateful that I get to meet and photograph such beautiful families and their children...seriously someone pinch me.  Here are a few favorite images from a couple of shoots in May :)



I shall name him Sweet Pea :)


Oh, those lashes!

Alfred_Kids_May_2014-4473-Edit-EditAlfred_Kids_May_2014-4473-Edit-EditSweet Clementine

These two are such characters!

Alfred_Kids_May_2014-4556-EditAlfred_Kids_May_2014-4556-EditFloVin Bella

I am so in love with this ensemble that her mommy put together!  Little Miss Style :)

Alfred_Kids_May_2014-4559Alfred_Kids_May_2014-4559FloVin Bella Edit

Too precious for words, I know!!  Little Miss Hepburn :)

Alfred_Kids_May_2014-4694Alfred_Kids_May_2014-4694Ivy on Bench Edit

Alfred_Kids_May_2014-4703Alfred_Kids_May_2014-4703FloVin Bella And then this happened....Little Miss was so comfortable up there on our horse named Cloudy.  They even had a bow made for the horse! I just love these shots :)


Thank you to these gorgeous families for letting me capture a tiny bit of their lives...seriously a dream come true!!




~ A Year Old Clementine ~

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Oh my word....I love this baby.  I can't believe Miss Clementine is already a year old!  It feels like just yesterday that we photographed her mommy's baby bump at the grocery store :) 

THE funniest thing happened when we gave Sweet Clementine her first cupcake.  Her mommy made sure to buy an organic confection, because Little Miss has never had sugar before (what amazing parents, I KNOW).  When we set her in front of the delicious sweet...she really wanted nothing to do with it.  Her mommy gave her a taste and she was not impressed.  She would rather feast on the oranges from earlier in the day (ironic, right...get it Clementine? ;) 

We had a fun time yesterday...I adore this family.



untitled-9872untitled-9872 untitled-9963untitled-9963 untitled-0003untitled-0003 untitled-0146-Edituntitled-0146-Edit

~ A Day at Granite Basin Lake ~

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Granite_Basin_Lake-8761Granite_Basin_Lake-8761 Granite_Basin_Lake-8799Granite_Basin_Lake-8799

Oh what a fun day we had at the lake!  I just love when an adventure turns into a fab photo shoot ;)  We have had the most amazingly mild winter here in Arizona...it has almost been tank top wearing weather for more days than I can count.  *Sigh*  I just love where I live.  So The Littles and I got to head out for a spontaneous hike around a little lake near our home.   The Cat Tail "flurd" (as we call it) was so much fun to play with...I love the way the light shines through the floating "flurd."  And, yes, Amelia picked out her own outfit ;)

We brought Ray Ray, our Cavalier Spaniel...although we were very cautious to do so.  Even though the days have been pretty warm, there are still little bits of ice on the lake where the sun doesn't get a chance to warm the water....well....last time we were here Mr. Ray Ray decided to walk out onto the ice....alllllll the way to the edge, of course....he fell in!!  I had to wade up to my waist in the frigid water to rescue that silly pooch.   That was an interesting 20 minute ride home.  Needless to say, he was on a leash the entire time this day ;) 

Check out the slideshow below!



~ Busy Little Mama ~

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Wow, wow, wow....have I been busy lately.  Oh what fun it has been!!  Photographing children and families is such an honor and I love every bit of it...even when I may have to use reverse psychology to capture the image I want ;) 

I am so happy that I live in a quaint town and I know people with amazing locations to use as my backdrops...you know who you are...thanks for having your yard be it's own work of art. 

I want to thank all of the families for trusting me to capture just a tiny bit of your lives :)

Here are a few of my favorite images from the last few weeks...

Tarquinio_Family_Fall_2013-4876-Edit-2Tarquinio_Family_Fall_2013-4876-Edit-2 untitled-untitled- Morton_Family-5450-EditMorton_Family-5450-Edit Vastine_Fall_2013-3998Vastine_Fall_2013-3998

Danford_Kids-1721-Edit-EditDanford_Kids-1721-Edit-Edit 082716-617082716-617 Danford_Kids-1764-EditDanford_Kids-1764-Edit Isaacson_Fall_2013-3297-EditIsaacson_Fall_2013-3297-Edit

~ The Windecker Boys ~

November 12, 2012  •  Leave a Comment

Gotta love little boys, especailly these two!  I cannot tell you what a priveledge it is to be able to photograph a new little life, before they are born, at birth and beyond.  What a fun autumn day this was.  We were almost rained out, but when we got to the first location, the clouds decided to move aside for a few moments, so we were able to capture some nice shots out of the rain.  Hooray!  Just a few days later, the big storm rolled in and blew all of these gorgeous leaves off of their branches.  Sometimes things just work out.  I love the interaction Little Brother has with his Big Brother, so cute and funny, and check out their matching coifed hair! Beautiful Boys.


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